In 2050, hockey players will play with just as much passion until they are 100 years old.

Alain Mertens

From Eburons to Belgium Old Lions

We shall not go back to the origins of hockey 4000 years ago, but it's good to know that at the beginning there were the EBURONS that proudly carried the colors of Belgium in national and international tournaments for many years.
Multi-aged, the EBURONS team participated in a several competitions in Belgium as well as in France and in The Netherlands.
The criteria to play with the EBURONS was that the players should have played in the first division of the national competition.
Some exceptions have of course confirmed the rule.

In 2010 the EBURONS gave way to the BELGIUM OLD LIONS at the initiative of Alain Mertens, a old grumpy of Royal Racing Hockey Club, and René Pirlot.
The objectives were to structure and organize teams by groups of different ages in order to be able to meet WGMA standards and bring projects to a long-term.
The engagement in the different teams has been extended to players from other divisions.
All players are affiliated, through their respective clubs, to ARBH, the 'Belgian Hockey Federation'.